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Children will be introduced to the basic elements of Theatre through games, activities and imaginary play, while having loads of fun. Hallabolou will present children with several techniques and skills such as theatrical presentations, scene comprehension, and context. Children will develop costumes, sets and scripts then perform for friends and families to showcase what they have learned!

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 Class Descriptions: 


241833_461441473880724_1022590443_oCalling all LEGO® Brick builders! We know you love the bricks just as much as we do! Here’s your chance to learn some basic engineering concepts that many adults have yet to master! No experience necessary just a love of building and a little bit of imagination.

Extreme S.T.E.A.M.

Learning Levels
A STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) based program that encourages teamwork and imagination. Each week children will create projects while participating in many different educational activities. There are different programs under Learning Levels such as Green Science and Up in the Air. During all these classes we will be teaching STEAM terms and concepts, but the best part is that the children don’t even know they are learning because they are having a fun with their friends and making a mess!



GLEAMS – Girls Love Engineering Art Math & Science!

Gleams by Hallabolou is a STEAM program designed to spark a young girls mind and interest gleamsin the science and technology field. Through hands-on, creative and interactive projects we encourage scientific thinking and questioning skills in a fun learning environment.

My daughter GLEAMS, does yours?

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