What is S.T.E.A.M.

Why the “A” makes a difference, in STEM!

Science Technology Engineering “ARTS” & Mathematics

“How do we prepare young people to be scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and technologists?”

The “A” breaks through the wall of the paradigm.  It allows children to think outside the box while still using science and math as the foundation for becoming a true innovator.  The older we become the more our “ways” of thinking and doing become set in stone.  By exposing young children to both the sciences and the arts at the same time we force them to merge an analytical and imaginative thought process that leads to creation!  Most importantly, it allows different learners an opportunity to achieve success and gain self-confidence.

The Hallabolou Way, looks at the whole child and their individual ways of learning so they can become successful, a global citizen and a STAR in their community.

Hallabolou Way

When Hallabolou began in 2010, it was a dream that had been floating around in the head of founder Vanessa Boson, a mother and veteran Early Childhood Educator. Though the initial concept of Hallabolou was a theater program, it has since expanded to greater aspirations. The unique concept of Hallabolou, our special educational philosophy, and our dedicated customer service have all been factors in our success and continued growth.

The Hallabolou Way builds on each child’s own unique qualities, adjusts to each specific environment, and makes every child a star! Mr. Rogers once said, “Play is really the work of childhood.” Whether it is constructing in the bRiK Programs or dancing during Stars-N-Motion, each program incorporates learning through play, which is the absolute core of Hallabolou’s existence. Our growth and change stems from expectations of the extraordinary, belief in a superior participant experience and outstanding customer service. All this combines to create something that is not just a business, but an experience Hallabolou is proud to share with the community!